Whilst Alto Adige’s white wines have been in the limelight for some 30 years, the region’s reds, especially the Bordeaux-style wines have got only limited attention. However, the 4 producers Tiefenbrunner, Cantina Cortaccia, Baron Widmann and Peter Dipoli strongly believe in the potential of the Bordeaux-style wines from the wine-growing area around the village Cortaccia. Thus, in 2015 they initiated the event Cortaccia Rossa: In a series of comparative blind tastings they want to demonstrate that the Bordeaux-style wines of Cortaccia can hold their own against wines from the most renowned regions.

The wine-growing area Cortaccia

 Ideal conditions for Bordeaux varieties resulting in wines distinguished by freshness and elegance. 

The producers and their wines

4 producers - one mission: 

Promoting the Bordeaux-style wines of Cortaccia both in Italy and internationally. 

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